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Pot of gold: tasting the world’s most expensive tea

Pot of gold: tasting the world’s most expensive tea

Oscar Quine samples a brew fit for billionaires – but it’s the rest of the offerings, not the price, that takes him aback

As I prepare to sample the world’s most expensive pot of tea, which has gone on the menu for the first time at the Royal China Club in central London, it is in fact the list of exotic, off-menu items I am told about – each with an eye-watering price tag – that piques my interest.
“If you’re having a starter of the caterpillar soup, then the shark’s fin, then the fish maw, then main courses and dessert and the Da Hong Pao, it will easily cost £2,800,” the restaurant’s group marketing manager, Jason Chan, explains.
Da Hong Pao is the tea in question, while the soup is made not from actual caterpillars but rather a rare herb found only at high altitudes, simmered down for up to eight hours. It starts at £388 for a serving fit for four.
Then there’s rice wine for £15,000 a bottle. And abalone: sea snails dried down to hardened tree knots the size of babies’ fists, which Chan presents proudly, Willy Wonka-like, in a gleaming glass jar. They go for £350 a pop and, served a different way, make up a sauce for a £180 sea cucumber dish. “For the abalone sauce we have a secret,” Chan says, “we use the powder from shark’s teeth”.
Oscar Quine tries Da Hong Pao – a snip at £388 for four peopleOscar Quine tries Da Hong Pao – a snip at £388 for four people (Susannah Ireland)
The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, confirms all these ingredients are legal to import. Mr Chan did however reveal the lengths taken to bring them into the country.
“A lot of the ingredients, if they were sent over, they’d get confiscated,” he says. “People don’t know what they are. That’s why we have a lot of people travelling just to bring the ingredients back. They take the flight arriving at 4am – customs aren’t awake yet.”
The PR who has arranged my visit looks uneasy. When we leave, she emphasises that Chan is mistaken in saying the restaurant still serves shark fin – they stopped offering it, she says, in 2011.
Bite Back Shark and Marine Conservation’s Graham Buckingham says that while a third of British restaurants that once served shark fin have taken it off the menu, anecdotal evidence suggests that it can often be easily ordered by Mandarin speakers.
So to the tea. That £180 pot furnishes four small cups. The leaves can retail for more than £650,000 a kilo. They come from just three fabled bushes in Fujian province. The story goes that these same bushes produced tea which cured the illness of a mother of a Ming dynasty emperor.
As they grow, the leaves are wiped with goat’s milk to give them shine, then picked and baked in small batches over charcoal. They are left to gain flavour for up to 80 years.
And how does it taste? Its flavour is similar to that of Japanese brown rice tea. I imagine the woody, umami undertones come from the roasting. They are offset nicely by fragrant top notes – I taste peach. As good a way as any, I suppose, to round off a meal that will set you back something similar to your average family holiday.

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《茶況》 茶栽培と太陽光発電紹介;廣告:小茶栽堂 Le Salon‧台茶法點

《茶況》 茶栽培と太陽光発電紹介 静岡でセミナー



★Le Salon 永康門市


★Le Salon 板環門市

Read more: 台北│小茶栽堂 Le Salon‧台茶法點琴瑟和鳴【永康商圈】 @ 黑哥桃 ♠ 繽紛假期頻道 :: 痞客邦 PIXNET :: 

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茶藝是個人生命旅程中 創造神聖生活領域的小神龕(龔于堯)

有些茶友 期許 督促 我能多寫點茶事 茶藝相關議題
要時間 要靈感才能偶得
茶藝是個人生命旅程中 創造神聖生活領域的小神龕
這種活動 不必期待有經濟價值
但卻能在瞬息萬變的不確定裡 有歇息自樂的功效
茶會 有趣之處就是每個茶人 走出自我封閉的神聖生活領域的小神龕
宗教裡的神聖生活着重在每個個人的靈修 基督教有退修會 佛教禪宗打禪七 禪師的閉關
靈修生活的姿勢是封閉的 如盤座 跪拜

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  • 串門子茶館Stop By Tea House - 台北市- 茶店| Facebook

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    串門子茶館Stop By Tea House, 台北市. 2487 個讚· 120 人正在談論這個· 1278 個打卡次. 『串門子茶館』是年輕人喝下午茶的地方,台灣現代貴族的蝸居。
  • 串門子茶館

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    No. 9, Lane 13, Lishui Street, Da’an District, Taipei City, 106
    02 350 3747

  • 昨日在麗水街「串門子」茶館,與友人閒閒相談。茶館主人特帶我們參觀他在地下室的曲水流觴茶場,仿王羲之的蘭亭,設有42座茶席,茶會約每月一次,好古雅啊。

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    淨重:150g ± 5%/罐(四兩)
    淨重:150 g ± 5%/罐(四兩)
    淨重:150g ± 5%/罐(四兩)


    成份:100% 高山烏龍茶葉(春、冬茶混合茶末)
    內容量:20 包(每包 2.5 g)
    保存期限:2 年




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    【傳統:教我如何守得住?】圖文: 場邊故事






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    亮點茶莊「興大睿茶平臺」 :東峰紅茶廠、林旺製茶廠、嘉茗茶園

    中興大學助產業 亮點茶莊傳茶香



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    Catnip Tea

    Catnip Tea

    If you are looking for a mild herbal sedative, Catnip Tea is the perfect answer for you and your loved ones.
    Is your mind racing at night, leaving you exhausted during the day? Are you under pressure at work and your nerves are causing you stress?
    Have a cup of a catnip infusion. This mild herbal sedative is perfect to drink at any time and is a great natural sedative for your children as well.

    1. Catnip Uses, Benefits & Side Effects - Drugs.com Herbal ...

      www.drugs.com › Natural Products (Consumer)
      In Appalachia, nervous conditions, stomach ailments, hives, and the common cold have been treated with catnip tea. The dried leaves have been smoked to  ...

    2. How catnip gets cats high ... Q: Do TIGERS like catnip?? - Duration: 3:55. by Big Cat Rescue ... Do BIG Cats ...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5Xrcp6k8VE

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    'Flat White' at Starbucks

    What to Know Before You Order the New 'Flat White' at Starbucks

    PHOTO: Starbucks new flat white drink.
    The flat white is coming. Flat what?
    Starting in stores nationwide on Tuesday after tests in limited markets and abroad, Starbucks is introducing a new drink to its menu that you've probably never heard of. The flat white is a drink not easily defined and much discussed within the coffee community, but it boils down to this: a five- to six-ounce beverage with a double shot of espresso with lightly aerated milk that has the appearance of velvet or paint rather than foam, according to Toby’s Estate Coffee’s head of education Allie Caran.
    “It’s one of the most confusing drinks,” Caran told ABC News. “There are many different definitions, but the best way to look at flat white is a little more within its cultural context.”
    Even its cultural context, though, is murky. Its birth in the 1990s is widely credited to Australia, though New Zealand also claims ownership. As the popular story goes, a cappuccino 20 years ago in that area would have a “very dry foam, which means they’ve added a ton of air, almost like a meringue-top foam,” Caran said.
    The resulting beverage was very dry on top, and coffee drinkers were requesting a smoother-textured “flat milk drink,” and thus was born the flat white. So, it generally all boils down to the topping, with the flat white’s being much smoother, wetter and thinner than a cappuccino’s.
    PHOTO: A cappuccino, left, is pictured along with a flat white, right, being poured.
    Brian MacDonald, Sean Gallup/Getty Images
    PHOTO: A cappuccino, left, is pictured along with a flat white, right, being poured.
    “It merges your milk and espresso together, whereas in the Australian cappuccino, you’ll find the espresso at the bottom and foam at the top,” Caran explained. “A flat white is a little more integrated.”
    According to a Starbucks spokesperson, its flat white “is made with two ristretto shots, topped with a thin layer of velvety steamed whole milk and finished with a latte art dot. Starbucks baristas perfectly steam milk into creamy micro-foam and carefully free pour to allow the espresso to rise to the top of the beverage for a bold coffee flavor with a sweeter finish.”
    A ristretto shot, to add to the drink’s confusion, is a short espresso shot made with the same amount of coffee grounds but half the water for a more concentrated flavor.
    “I commend Starbucks, because it’s an ambitious drink to do consistently well,” Caran said. “It requires a pretty good amount of attention on the barista’s part when it comes to texturing that milk properly. You want just the tiniest bit of aeration, but you don’t necessarily want to make a foamy milk. To make something that’s really pourable and not scalded does require a certain amount of constant vigilance.”
    You can see if they succeed starting Tuesday.