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Tea Accessories 用現代的茶具,喝傳統的茶

Tea Accessories

Shopping With Barbara Barry May 09, 2014


芭芭拉·巴里稱,泰德·繆林這個安妮女王花邊(Queen Anne's Lace)純銀濾茶器,是「世上最美的一個。」
芭芭拉·巴里稱,泰德·繆林這個安妮女王花邊(Queen Anne's Lace)純銀濾茶器,是「世上最美的一個。」
Piotr Redlinski for The New York Times
BARBARA BARRY, the Los Angeles-based interior designer, has created a range of products, including furniture, tableware, bedding and even luggage. But one of her favorite projects had nothing to do with design.
常駐洛杉磯的室內設計師芭芭拉·巴里(Barbara Barry)設計過各種各樣的產品,包括傢具、餐具、床上用品,乃至行李箱包,但在她最喜歡的項目之中,卻有一件與設計毫無關係。
Six years ago, Ms. Barry collaborated with the Canadian company T to create a custom tea blend called Orange Grove, and earlier this year her second blend, Citrine, was introduced.
六年前,巴里曾與一家名為T的加拿大公司合作,調配出一種特製混合茶,名為「桔園」(Orange Grove)。今年年初,她的第二款混合茶「西特林」(Citrine)又面世了。
“I truly fell in love with tea on my first trip to Kyoto in 2000,” she said. “And loving all things Japanese, I learned more about the culture through learning about ‘the way of tea.’ ”
She added: “Tea is like design: what you leave out is as important as what you put in.”
On her way to London, another tea-friendly city, Ms. Barry passed through New York, taking time out to shop for accessories to enhance the experience of drinking tea.
She began at the new Ted Muehling store in TriBeCa, where she admired a carved agate bracelet (she is a big fan of Mr. Muehling’s jewelry) before focusing on the subject at hand.
她從翠貝卡社區(TriBeCa)新開業的泰德·繆林(Ted Muehling)商店逛起。在那裡,她先看上一隻雕花的瑪瑙手鐲(她是繆林珠寶的忠實粉絲),隨後才注意到手邊這件物品。
When it comes to tea strainers, she announced, the Ted Muehling sterling silver Queen Anne’s Lace tea strainer is “the most beautiful tea strainer in the world. It’s a delight to pour water through the Champagne-like bubble openings, and there is always a gasp from first-timers.”
說到濾茶器,她稱泰德·繆林的這個安妮女王花邊(Queen Anne\'s Lace)純銀濾茶器,是「世上最美的一個。從香檳酒泡沫般的開口中把茶水倒出來,會讓人有一種愉悅感。第一次使用的人總會發出一聲驚嘆。」
At Alessi, Ms. Barry found a new spoon by LUCY.D that was “thoughtfully designed to hold the tea in its folded handle.”
As for porcelain tea sets, she noted, Augarten, an Austrian company, makes her favorites. And the Rottenberg service, crowned with a series of whimsical heads, is “magical,” she said. “Each head is put on by hand and smoothed to perfection. The porcelain is almost translucent, and drinking from the low, wide teacup makes you feel delicate.”
至於陶瓷茶具,她提到了一家澳大利亞公司 Augarten,也是她的最愛。還有一套羅騰伯格(Rottenberg)茶具,茶具的幾個茶蓋上都頂着形態各異的腦袋,「太神奇了,」她說,「每個腦 袋都是手工接上去的,又被處理得天衣無縫。」這套瓷器差不多是半透明的,而且從這個不高的寬口茶杯中喝茶,會讓你覺得很精緻。
Most of her go-to Japanese products were found online, including a handcrafted bowl for drinking matcha (a green tea made with a bamboo whisk) and a whisk keeper, both sold by Hibiki-an, a shop in Kyoto.
“Once you fall for the taste of fresh matcha, you will want all the accompaniments that make this a special ritual,” she said. “It might take a little practice to get that foamy top on the tea. I find some days are easier than others.”